Our BSDF volunteers love the Bayside community! We are a group of people who believe that our area benefits in a multitude of ways by building relationships as human beings and looking for ways we can work together!

The BSDF holds an annual Photo and Poetry competition which is then distributed to the public and used by local businesses. ┬áTo have a look at previous winners and find out about this years’ competitions, please click here.

We also believe that there are many passionate people in our community who are very happy to contribute and get involved, but might not yet have found their way of meaningfully contributing.

We see part of our role as being to help locals figure out what sort of contribution they would like to make and connecting them with local groups who need their help. We also aim to be a conduit of information, to help our community to be more informed about what is happening locally, what they can get involved in and how they can help.

We have a range of opportunities that pop up during the year – from event management to flyer distribution, we can help you find a way to help! If you are keen to get more involved in your community, please do get in touch and we will help you find your way of contributing.

If you are looking for more help for your group, please get in touch and we will help connect you with volunteers who are keen to contribute.